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Juried Exhibitions 

March  2023 - The Yards Collective, “Thaww”, Rochester, NY - Winner of The Tom Van Buren Award for Creativity 

November 2022- Art Fair 14C, “Ra Cha Cha! Artists Living and Working in Rochester, NY” Jersey City, NJ

October 2022 - The Yards Collective, “Saints Preserve Us”, Rochester, NY

February 2022- The Yards Collective, “Love for Sale,”  Rochester, NY

July 2021 - The Yards Collective, Abstract Showcase, Rochester, NY

March 2021 -  Rochester Contemporary Art Center, “Last Year on Earth,” Rochester, NY

June 2019 -  Glenn Dallas Gallery, “Stardust and Satisfaction,” Santa Barbara, CA


Other Exhibitions 

April  2023 - Frank’s  Chop Shop, “What’s Good?” Rochester, NY

October 2022 - Frank’s  Chop Shop, “American Goth Shit,” Rochester, NY

September 2022- Rochester Contemporary Art Center, “Artists for Ukraine,” Rochester, NY

September 2022- Frank’s Chop Shop, “Meet the Artists of  Art Fair 14C” Rochester, NY

July 2022- Frank’s Chop Shop, “Crew Cuts,” Rochester, NY 

October 2021 - The Yards Collective, “What We Heard of Screaming: The Art of The Velvet Noose,” Rochester, NY     December 2021 - Art Museum of Rochester, “The Universe  Within,” Rochester, NY



January 2023 - MuCCC, Psyche and Eros: The Birth of Pleasure by The Velvet Noose, Rochester, NY

May 2022-2023- MuCCC, MAIOS: Dance of the Satyrs! by The Velvet Noose, Rochester, NY, 

September 2019- 2022 - MuCCC, Rochester Fringe Festival, with The Velvet Noose, Rochester, NY

December 2019 - Visual Studies Workshop, with The Velvet Noose, Rochester, NY

June 2019 -  UUU Gallery, with The Velvet Noose,  Rochester, NY


Expressive Arts Workshops

March 2021 - CommUNITY Arts & Wellness Festival, Rochester, NY 

2015 - 2021 - Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY



2015 -  C.A.G.S, Expressive Arts Therapy from European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland   

2014 -  M.S., School Counseling from University of Rochester, Rochester, NY      

2011 - M.S.Ed., Special Education from City University of New York Hunter College, New York, NY

2009 -  B.A., Art History from Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

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